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Have fun and socialize in a friendly competitive environment


Welcome to the World Class Volleyball League(WCVL). A motley collection of keen volleyballers who play weekly in the winter in local schools and during the summer at Mooney's Bay Beach. The goal is to have some good fun with old and new friends, in a friendly and somewhat competitive environment. Much of the rganizational credit does go to Don Singer who has done much work in obtaining gym time and organizing teams, the league therefore is also known as "Don Singer's Volleyball league".


The WCVL Fall 2011 Champions

Team Love2smash and Team Watch Them Bounce

Love2smash Watch Them Bounce
The WCVL Mondays night league at Merivale High School
The WCVL Thursdays night league at Lester B. Pearson High School

The WCVL Champion- Spring 2011

LoveGives Beach Volleyball Champion 2011 (Competitor)

Team Beach Lovers

LoveGives Beach Volleyball Champion 2011 (Intermediat)

Team Watch them bounce

LoveGives Beach Volleyball Champion 2011 (Recreational)

Team Thunder




The BEST Players in ACTION!

Spikers, Scorers, Blockers, Setters, Servers, Diggers, Liberos, MVP

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FIVB World League in ACTION!

FIVB World League (Men)

FIVB World Grand Prix (Women)

Swatch-FIVB World Tour (Beach)



New Touch-Net Rules


The international federation put together a video to explain was is now permitted and what remains a fault.

The International Volleyball Federation and Volleyball Canada have adopted new rules regarding contacts with the net. The intent is to reduce the number of times play is stopped, by eliminating net faults when the contact has no impact on the trajectory of the ball or does not interfere with opponent players.